Animal Testing


Australia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Due to its rich number of animal species, our team was curious as to what animal testing occurs in Australia and why. When a state in this visualization is clicked on, a pie chart for that state for each of the following topics of animal testing will appear: Types of animals tested on, purposes of testing, and severities of testing. The first pie chart displays the number of each animal tested on. The next pie chart shows the number of animals used for different testing purposes. The final pie chart shows the number of animals used for the different types of testing severity. There is a slider at the top of the screen to choose what year you would like to see. This visualization not only makes it easy to compare animal testing betweeneach state in Australia, but also gives a richer picture of why countries decide to test on animals.


Map of Australia

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Rahul Vaidun (
Anya Rajan (
Sakthi Karimanal (
Shomili Madabhavi (

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CSE 163: Data Visualization, Fall 2022